Gruppo Duran Vetreria

EXCELLENCE in your hands:  DWK Life Sciences is the new name for precision labware. Our company unites the expertise of the three global leading brands DURAN®, WHEATON® and KIMBLE® with a single aim: to help you achieve excellence in your field.
- 1887 Otto Shots invents borosilicate glass
- 1888 Dr. Theodore Corson Wheaton founds T.C. Wheaton Co. to produce glass roducts for medical and scientific applications
- 1901 Evan Kimble fonded Kimble Glass in 1901 in a borrowed chicago loft
- 2005 Shott sold its laboratory and industrial glass division to the Adcuram Group. reorganization under Duran Group
- 2011 Acquisition of UK based Scilabware By Duran Group
- 2014 Adcuram sold DURAN Group to the One Equity Partners
- 2015 Acquisition of US based WHEATON Industries  by DURAN Group
- 2016 Acquisition of US based Kimble Chase Group by DURAN Group
- 2017 The group is globally aligned under DWK Life Science and its brand DURAN WHEATON KIMBLE

DWK Life Sciences provides the world’s laboratories with the most comprehensive range of labware for scientific research and technical applications as well as solutions for storage and packaging.
We manufacture a full range of precision glassware and specialty products for life sciences.
Our innovative products meet the highest expectations thanks to their premium quality. Our expertise is based on many years of experience during which we have won the trust of our customers and distributors worldwide.

We will be present in every laboratory around the world and will accelerate scientific progressby providing a full range of products and solutions for customers in drug discovery, life science and industrial markets.

We earn the trust of our customers by facilitating improvements in their processes and enabling better results. 
We encourage creativity and innovation so we can offer our customers new and better solutions for their needs. 
We empower our people to pursue ambitious goals by constantly improving our products and processes. 
We strive for excellence in everything we do.